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Get to know the blogger- Top 5 Designers?

I thought that with being a new blogger and all, and not really knowing what to write about yet, I would do a Q&A style blog post linked to my interests so that you guys know a bit more about me.

So the first theme of this post is my favourite designers, the reason being that this is the drive of this blog and my life in general. My ultimate goal is to be a designer, among other things, and there are many people in the industry I admire and whose work reflects my own.

1. Valentino Garavani

Born in Italy, ’32 and introduced to me (not personally, much to my dismay) around 2010, Valentino Garavani is someone who I admire so much. He traveled the world, worked hard from a young age and gained experience all to achive his dream- something that I strive to do. I have written so many “about my idol” essays about him (one was even in French eyy) that it is embarrassing. No one tell him. Ever. I’ll probably say it accidentally if I ever meet him, which I really want to, if you haven’t guessed already. Long story short, Valentino is the sole reason why I started to consider entering the industry in a serious light, and that is why he is on number one. Not that I favour designers.

2. Mannish Arora

I used inspiration from the spring/summer 2015 collection for my textiles project in January, which is currently off for marking. Like me, Mannish Arora features pastels in many of their collections, and floral motifs as a key focus. Their designs are fun and eye-catching and offer a new spin on mainstream fashion, breaking away from the mold to create an entirely new garment style.

3.  Lucky Chouette

My kpop influence is showing now, with number 3 taken by the brand Lucky Chouette. I found these through kpop idol fashion and love their cute and edgy designs. They’re also active on their YouTube which is awesome as you can see snippets of upcoming garments-; an A+ for marketing. To add, they are popular in the kpop world, with artists such as Amber from F(x) sporting the brand.

4. Steve J and Yoni P

I also found Steve and Yoni through my love of kpop- although they have a completely different vibe to LC. They are fun, exiting and I loved their entrance onto the runway (penny boards are the way to make a statement) it was cute and funny, much like their clothing. Again, they are also popular with kpop idols and rightly so- their adorable sporty style echos the kpop themes that are popular this year.

5. Giambattista

Lastly, Giambattista also featured in my sketchbook and by now, you’ve probably spotted a pattern in my favourites….Pastel and Floral….yup. Their collections are light, airy, almost fairy like and completely adorable. The first picture gives off a paris meets candyfloss vibe, with the fluffy skirt and fascinatior. The second is so dainty it looks like the material could disappear at the slightest touch and the tiny flowers are arranged so that it looks as if they naturally grew on the fabric.

There you have it, my top 5 designers. Hopefully you found it interesting and gave you inspiration for future designs! Let me know in the comments who your favourite designers are and why, and what you want me to answer next. 🙂

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Early 20th century fashion [EPQ]

In my second(?) month of college, I decided to sign up for the Extended Project which, in case you didn’t know what it is, is basically an extra A Level where you do an dissertation/ artefact based on at least on of your A Levels. I chose to do mine on textiles (obvs) and my current title is; “Create a garment inspired by the early 20th century with inspiration from modern styles.”

I’m focusing on three eras; the 1900s, 20s and 50s to get inspiration from and then I’ll modernize the final designs. I’m keeping a sketchbook along with the dissertation and was wondering if you would like to see the process (including making the dress in a separate post)?  Comment below if you’d like to see it 🙂


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My life revolves around textiles

I’ve just finished my first year in college (no longer a noob) and let me tell you now; I didn’t realize just how much of my time went into my textiles coursework, until I finished the course.

As textiles doesn’t have an exam apart from the 5 hours of moderation where you create samples, you finish the course around a few weeks before exams start. During this time I felt as if a considerable weight had been lifted off of my shoulders- not enough to stop caring about exams, but enough to actually have time to revise for them- and I had so much free time over the weekend to do things in between revision.

Don’t get me wrong, I love textiles. I love the course content and its something I want to do as a career, but it is the most stressful subject I take and it really does cut into other subjects time. I take 4 A Levels; English Literature, Language, Business and Textiles, but I also take the extended project as well, so I have a lot on my plate. In regards to Business, there wasn’t much of a problem with not studying for it as 1. I’m not good at maths so I had to make sure I revised or I wouldn’t understand 2. We got stuck with a substitute teacher so homework was forgotten half way through the year.  As for EPQ, its something you can leave until the summer and the classes are only once a month so that also wasn’t a problem. But…my English classes…. I began to forget my language homework simply because it didn’t seem as important compared to the closer deadline of my textiles coursework and I sometimes forgot my Lit homework (not as much as lit is considerably more demanding) and I didn’t mean to and I felt so bad when I did, but one page of a sketchbook can take around 2 hours, possibly more if you want it to look good and there wasn’t enough time in the day.

Admittedly, my time management skills suck. Point blank. But we’re expected to study 5 hours per subject and I think textiles takes around 20… and don’t forget about the people who took Art as well….

I don’t really know where this blog post is going…I guess if you take a creative arts subject in college you need to know that it will eat into your time and if you have other subjects that are demanding like law or….anything…..its important to make sure you get the work done or at least review the work so you know what you understand and what you need to go over later.

Also I need an organizer.