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Zebra Pastel Mildliners review

My new highlighters have arrived! I’ve been so exited for them to arrive so I can use them for my revision and now they’re here I can make cute notes! I thought in tie with my studyblr post I would review them in case any budding studyblr bloggers were interested in buying them!

I purchased my highlighters from Amazon, and bought the pastel version of the product. So far I’ve seen two different versions of the pack, with different colours which are linked below the product page. But as I am a pastel nerd, I obviously chose the pastel ones.

They are a Japanese brand, and come with 5 different colours; yellow, pink, green, blue and orange, and they have a slight neon tone to them, which is nice because I don’t like really bright colours but it still allows important information to stand out.

They also have TWO ENDS! I didn’t know this when I bought the highlighters, I just thought that it would be a slightly thinner version of a highlighter but it’s so much more! There’s a wide slanted end for all your highlighting purposes and on the other end…

A pen version! It has a pointed tip so you can write in colour without having to use the wide highlighter which makes everything untidy and ruins your notes causing you to go into a never ending pit of regret and sadness. (Totally haven’t tried to write a title in highlighter before…nope…*insert crying*)

Anyway, the product was sent on the 16th July, and I received them on the 1st August, so two weeks is amazing considering they had to make a world trip from Japan all the way to England. They were in great condition and also came with a note to say thanks for buying the product, thanks Dai Dai!


Price; 9/10  (I paid £3.6)

Shipping; 10/10 (so fast!)

Packaging; 10/10

Quality; 10/10

Communication; 10/10 (I received regular e-mails notifying me that that they had been dispatched and delivered)

Overall; 10/10

I thoroughly recommend this product if your going back to school in September, and if you do get them, you should tweet or instagram me your notes!

Here is an additional link to the supplier’s websites;

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Kawaii Box Review~!

Thanks to Jannelle and Kawaii box for hosting a giveaway, I got my hands on the spring 2015 Kawaii box and so I thought I would review it!


  • Cute alpaca pencil case
  • Cat paw phone charm
  • Green cat charm
  • Mini Korean glitter set
  • Rilakkuma notepad
  • Macaron mini pot
  • Pearl phone stickers 
  • Pastel 3D animal stickers
  • Collon snack box
  • Pastel horse pen
  • Polka dot bow

All the items were in prestine condition and were organised in a neat and tidy pattern under the tissue paper. There was even a handwritten note which said; “spring <3” ( I really want the writers handwriting it was so nice!)

As for the sweets, I’m not entirely sure what flavour they were, green tea or hazelnut possibly? Nevertheless, they tasted so good! Why don’t we have Collon in England?! I have to admit, I joined the thousands of other foreigners in their reaction to he off brand name- Collon sounds a lot like colon when you read it aloud.

The stickers are my favourite item by far, perfect for my organiser for the next academic year! And just as I got into the studyblr craze too. I’m too scared to use the phone stickers on my actual phone as I have a track record of breakin things so I’ll most likely use them in my bullet journal too.

The two charms are equally as cute as the gift, I love he squishy cat paw the most! It came detached from the pencil case but I thought they matched well colour wise. I have no idea where the green cat is from, I thought maybe it was from an anime but I can’t find anything on it. I think it’s an original design by the company.

The notebook, hair clip and macaron pot are three items which I have no idea what to use for! My problem is I have so many notebooks which I haven’t used so it may be some time until I get round to writing in this one. I may use it for reminders as it reminds me of a sticky note. The pot looks like a contact cas but I think it would be good to keep earrings in when I go out, as I don’t wear glasses let alone contacts! as for the bow, o have no idea yet but we’ll see what use I out that too!


Products 10/10

Packaging 9/10

Delivery 7/10

Price —

Communication 7/10 (I don’t order the product so I can’t rate it much, but I did recieve emails about future purchases)

Overall 9/10 I would definitely recommend subscribing to this! Think of it as a monthly treat for hard work!

thank you to Kawaii box and Janelle Jae (YouTube) for going me the op perfuming to review and recieve this! 💕