Creatures of the Wind- S/S 2016

COTW have gone with a slightly nautical colour pallet for next year’s summer trend, with navy blues, whites and a hint of yellow, creating a fresh and clean collection.

They opted for a no-fuss silhouette, straight cut and simple, with a few pleats here and there, leaving the chosen patterns to do the talking. The patterns in question are a mixture of stripes, floral motifs and a pattern which I can only describe as an striped weave. As in the fabric technique, not the hair kind.

I like the versatility of the skirt for this outfit, it can easily be toned down for a casual look, or used for a more professional presentation if paired with a white shirt. The shirt used in this photo (courtesy of Vogue might I add, as are all the photos used on this series) reminds me of an underwater scene, as it has a wet-look finish to it. This again, could be worn as a party statement or casual shirt, depending on how you style it.

THIS! This was the striped weave pattern I was (trying) to describe. It has the light and dark coffee tones going horizontal and withing that tiny square patterns making it look like a basket weave. The effortless gathers and tiny details- such as the uneven waistband- express the designer’s skill in making a garment which doesn’t need thousands of techniques and patterns to succeed. Simplicity is key, you might say. They also manage to get away with layering patterns (cheeky!) which is normally a taboo in the fashion world. However, the patterns contrast, with a light stripe on top, light both in colour and size, and a darker, heavier pattern on the bottom. And to unify both, a metallic scarf to add an eye catching feature to the ensemble, in a complementary shade to the skirt.

If you live anywhere with temperamental weather, you’ll relate to me when I say that it will probably rain a fair few times during the summer, even though it’s not supposed to. If your a fan of trench coats to combat this, then look no further. I personally love how the detailing is on the inside rather than the outside, as you can be fashionable without having the problem of matching your coat to your outfit. Flowers don’t match everything, unfortunately. The silver buttons employ a military edge to the coat, matching with the wet-look of fabric. From what is revealed, I’m guessing that the dress follows with the theme of ‘less is more’ with an abstract gather at the front as the main focus of the A-line dress. This time, wider stripes have been used to add more detail, and alternating colours also match with the nautical style.

I haven’t heard of this design er until now, but I look forward to seeing more collections as they have shown that they can do a lot with little extravagance, which can sometimes be overpowering. I also love the name of the brand, it reminds me of a Ghibli movie!

What do you think of the collection? Take a look at all the garments here and let me know in the comments.  If you have any recommendations for new collections that I should review, leave them down in the comments too!  

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