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Get to know the blogger; What’s in my makeup bag?

As a follow on from my first GTK post, I will be showing you what’s in my daily makeup bag!

The makeup bag I’m using currently is one from Primark which is a cute light pink and black lace pattern, which stores everything. I recently cleared out my old makeup and threw out all the products which I don’t use or are smashed (I had so many blushers which were collecting and making dust!)

First up is…Lipsticks!

From left to right, the first 5 I actually don’t know where they’re from. They were gifts from friends and family so I don’t know the brands, sorry! Even so, I use these nearly every day, my favourite being the light pink and purple lipsick. They’re subtle and go with almost any outfit imaginable! The next three are my new MUA Lipsticks pin shades Tulip, Juicy and number 5. I recently wrote a blog post about them here, so I won’t delve into to much detail, but I have worn Tulip out and I can say that it looks lovely, but does need re-applying sometimes.

Now, I don’t have many brushes, but I use a normal foundation brush for my BB cream, and a double ended brush for eyeshadow. Both of these are from Boots. I also have another eyeshadow brush which came with an Accessorize pallet which I use when I can’t find my sharp edge brush. For powder, I either use the foundation brush or a triangular sponge from Superdrug which you can buy in a multi-pack.

  As for eyeliner, I have two London Scandal eyes which is almost like a felt tip, and is great for a bold and even line. It has a 3D applicator and has a slanted tip, so you can create both a thick and thin line. I have two because I thought I had run out, but, if you bend the top (which your probably not supposed to do in all honesty) more of the product absorbs into the applicator. I also have a silver liquid eyeshadow which I use as an eyeliner also by Rimmel London and a white liner by MUA.
For skin, I use Rimmel London matte BB Cream (sensing a trend?), matte pressed powder and a blemish concealer. They’re the only brand who make skin coverage products which match my skin tone so I rely on them with my life. I’m so pale that linger is too dark for me, so the fact that Rimmel make a paler shade is a godsend!

For my lashes, I have three mascaras; my L’Oreal Paris mascara in brown, Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro in extreme black and a Maybelline Falsies Volume express which I swear by. The brush is curved, making it easier to cover all of your lashes and you get a thin layer on the brush so you don’t end up with spider leg eyelashes. It proceeds an even coverage and lengthens your lashes so well! It’s just run out so now I use the brush to even out the Rimmel mascara which comes out too thick for my eyes, seriously it doesn’t wipe away the excess product at all!

  Next to last I have eye shadows. I prefer eyeliner over eye shadow on myself so the products I use are mostly for the brow bone and the inner eyes. I have an Accessorize pallet and a mini set of eye shadows which I use for the light cream and white. The Accessorize one is more glittery and has a bolder colour, so I use it more than the miniature pallet, which is more transparent. It works as a substitute for my white eyeliner, as I don’t line my inner eyes every day.

Finally, I have a collection of random products, like lip gloss, a nail manicure set, blush and a mirror. Where they came from I also have no idea. I’m beginning to think that my makeup bag is a black hole for random products…If so I’d like the Chanel Lipstick that Moments of a Mermaid reviewed!

What’s in your makeup bag? Leave a comment below, and if you have an idea of what I should write about next for this series, let me know!

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