Barbra Bui (pre)- S/S 2016

Spring next year in Bui’s mind is full of pin striped patterns, clean cut jackets and subtle shades. There’s soft tones of white and blue, complimented by a warmer burgundy and camel to create the physical embodiment of Bui’s envision.

There’s a slight androgynous spin to the collection with straight cut trousers and structured blazer yet also incorporates a feminine touch with flowing dresses and scallop edged cardigans.

This jacket is one of my favourite pieces from the collection, I love the Aztec detailing combined with leather. The shades of grey and red merge together well, almost like a grey scale instagram filter. To add, the decoration creates a new take on the classic leather jacket. Rather than experimenting with techniques using leather on leather, Bui opted to embellish using machine stitching to create a unique garment. The tight-fitting structure creates a modern, formal edge to the casual jacket.  If I had enough money, I would buy it.

The shorts in this ensemble are minimalist in the best way. The lack of heavy detailing on the waistband and the effortless draping creates a casually fashionable look which could suit any occasion. Usually, layering completely different patterns looks awful, however I think the darker pallet of the shirt contrasts well enough with the blazer so that the pairing doesn’t make you want to rip your eyes out. On the contrary, it looks stylish and well thought out. Something I could probably never do.

Scalloped hems are always cute. No word of a lie. Especially when they are paired with a cornflower blue. The subtle detailing on the fabric make the jacket more aesthetically pleasing without going the same-old route of using a contrasting colour to add more appeal. Bui has gone with an odd fabric choice for this, with a faux-fur (which I can’t remember the exact name of, but if it was a brown colour would look and feel sort of like an animal? Someone help me out here!) rather than the standard taupe or black. The jacket has a professional yet delicate air to it and is one of my favourites of the collection.

Overall, Barbra Bui’s Spring/Summer 2016 sneak peek looks promising and I can’t wait to see the whole thing on the catwalk soon, hopefully more cute scalloping and edgy leather garments are on the way!

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