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Exam Tips

Exams get to everyone, the stress, impending fear and the squeaky shoes of the invigilators…but here’s some tips to relax and go in with a fresh mind, ready to ace that test!
 Make sure you know your seat!
Check the day before what your seat number is, where it is in the room and what room your in. There’s nothing worse than going to an exam and having to push your way to the seating plan so if you know before hand, then you can save the stress later. Don’t write it on your hand though because they might think your cheating!
 Go through key notes before!
It may be useful to go over some key points you may not be sure of before the exam. Make sure if you are you have time to do so, as you don’t want to be late due to putting all your notes back.
 Make sure you have your equipment
There’s nothing worse than realizing you have a calculator test…with no calculator! Make sure you know what you need to have and check you have it all before the exam!
Check your paper!
In my textiles exam, we were in the same room as the electronics exam and I was given the wrong test! Check before the exam starts so you don’t loose time!
Answer all the questions!
It’s better to guess than to get no marks at all! On the last question on maths, there was an a* question which I didn’t even know what it was asking! We weren’t taught the really complex stuff so I just guessed and found out I got one mark out of three! You never know if that mark is a difference between a low grade or a high grade so answer everything!
 Don’t panic!
Don’t worry about it before you go in because that will just put you in a state of worry and you might not be able to think of answers! Just go in do your best and when it’s over, it’s over. You can be happy! You can’t change it after you’ve left the hall so don’t dwell on it if you think you did awful.
Don’t be late!
I don’t know what happens if your late, I’m pretty sure you can’t take the exam so don’t do this! Turn up around 5 or 10 minutes early so you can get in quick and be ready!
Make sure you have breakfast and if you get hungry during the long exams (I do) eat a snack beforehand. Don’t forget to hydrate!
 Do your best!
Try your hardest and think about what your writing!

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