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MUA Lipstick review

I’ve recently added to my makeup collection three new lipsticks from MUA, or Makeup Academy, and thought I’d share my thoughts with you on the product!


The first colour I bought was a peachy shade called Juicy, pictured at the top in the photos above. It is very bright when you layer up the product, so if you like a bold lip, then this is for you! I personally like to wear less and have a slight tint to my lip, but maybe one day I’ll try going bold! I also love the pot of extra product at the bottom, which is perfect for applying with a brush.

The second colour is Tulip, the last swatch on the right, which is a nice subtle pink. I haven’t worn this one for a whole day yet but from testing it out, the colour is so pretty! I’ve found that using BB cream on my lips makes the colour more true to the lipstick itself but that could be due to my natural lip colour which is a slightly dark pink shade. It can be a bit dry to use alone, but if you use a bit of lipgloss beforehand, I’ve found that the application is smoother and brighter.


The last colour I bought was a bit different from my usual shades. It was a lovely mix of brown and purple with a gold sheen in the shade number 9. I love this one and the shade is great if you want to look good but not too dressed up, e.g- college or just going out shopping with friends.

I haven’t worn this one out either, but I tried it on quickly and it has a smooth application and a nice colour with and without using BB cream underneath. I think that the matte ones don’t work as well on my lips as the lipsticks with a shine, they’re a bit more dry than the normal versions, but all three are nice colours and for their price, just £1 each, totally worth the buy.

As for the packaging, the sleek black and silver style with the transparent product pot at the bottom is the best lipstick packaging I’ve seen so far. It makes it easy to find the colour your looking for and is a nice touch to set it apart from competitors.


Price- 10/10 (for £1, they are much cheaper than most and for the price, great quality)

Quality- 6/10 (fading and transparency are a slight issue, but only slightly)

Colour- 8/10 (the shades are so beautiful and mostly true to colour when applied)

Lasting- 6/10 (they fade through the day, but if you don’t mind re-applying it isn’t much of an issue)

What do you want me to write about next? Comment below and thanks for reading!

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The rise of the studyblrs

Back in the day, no-one liked revising and learning. Revision was left to the day before exams, and skipping lessons was a daily occurrence. Fast forward to 2015 and a new type of blog has surfaced on the leading procrastination site; tumblr.

Meet the studyblrs; bloggers who write (and photograph) their daily revision antics, top tips of how to revise efficiently and what supplies they love. Scenic pictures of notebooks, tea and flashcards flood the tag and questions about how to create the ultimate planner are answered by current students, from GCSE to university students and everyone in between, (hello to all the other A-Level students~) all sharing their positivity.

So what has sparked this uprising? Well, it’s no secret that an immense pressure is put onto all students to achieve top marks in order to get a well paid job. And with the internet, procrastination calls as we all try to remember countless facts and formulas. I think it’s safe to say that everyone has experienced a lack of motivation to do anything- let alone revise- at some point and if left, can seriously affect grades in the long term.

There seems to have been  a sudden, intense drive to succeed and do well, by our own means. To work hard, love what we’re doing and what we’re working forward. And it’s great. Every single studyblr has their own aesthetic, their own methods and their own goals to aim for, and every single one of them is inspiring more people to do the same.

I asked two (of the many) studyblr blog  admins, why they started their blogs and what tips they would give to those itching to revise better.

Ellen from “needforcaffeine” says it was the opportunity to help others that inspired her to create her own blog. ” quite often have people come to me at school and asked for help,” and when she discovered their was an online community which did the same, “need for caffeine” was born!  

“I want everyone to be able to learn to the best of their ability” she says “If I can help them to do this, I feel almost privileged in a way.” Many people in the studyblr community share printouts of organisers and compile master pairs of where to find online textbooks or articles for revision, as a way to help everyone get the best out of their revision. 

The three tips that Ellen shared for unmotivated students are;

1. Remember why your studying

“You’re not just studying so you can pass a test. You’re studying so that you can find a new cure, save someone from an incorrect conviction, to find a new kind of particle. Learning doesn’t end with a test result.” 

2. Ask for help when you need it!

As mentioned, lots of studyblrs make their own free resources for people to use and have their ask boxes open for you if you need help.

“I would always advise seeking help from your teacher if you need it and if that isn’t an option, you can often ask a studyblr for help (we don’t bite!), or else there are a myriad of resources online.”

3. Start a studyblr!

It’s so simple to start a tumblr and once you follow a few blogs, easy to navigate the site and find tips relevant to your studies. There’s always pretty revision notes being posted to the tag daily so it’s worth checking out.

“I personally take a lot of inspiration from the studyblrs around me, and the amount of effort they put in. Good studying habits seem to be contagious.”

Jools from “joolsallie”  started her blog at the beginning of her GCSEs to help her studies.

“My sister already had a study blog, and told me how welcoming and supportive the studyblr community is – so after stalking the studyblr tag for a few weeks I posted my first picture.”

She plans to study medicine in the future, as she has always been interested in how the body works. 

“I was also attracted to the variety of work within medicine – there’s so many fields within medicine, and every day will be different – never just a regular 9-5 working day.” 

The field of medicine is a difficult know, and motivation is key, which is something every studyblr is strivin to achieve or improve. 

 “The challenge of medicine also interests me. The fact that I’ll always be learning, and that it will be hard work to get there. But that just makes the job even more fulfilling and worthwhile.”

I’ve seen so many quotes about how our generation is the generation that can, the generation of the future and so forth, and I think you’ll agree with me when I say, it’s true. We all have amazing plans for the future, to be successful and do everything we want in life, despite being told our dreams aren’t “realistic.” Well if one person has done it before, why can’t we? And why can’t we do it a bit different? 

So, if you don’t have a studyblr, or you don’t follow any of them, I highly suggest doing so and you’ll see your motivation increase and find so many helpful blogs and posts to help you when your a bit confused as were to start revising.

Good luck with the upcoming school year and good luck with revision!

Jools’ tumblr;

Ellen’s Links; /


Barbra Bui (pre)- S/S 2016

Spring next year in Bui’s mind is full of pin striped patterns, clean cut jackets and subtle shades. There’s soft tones of white and blue, complimented by a warmer burgundy and camel to create the physical embodiment of Bui’s envision.

There’s a slight androgynous spin to the collection with straight cut trousers and structured blazer yet also incorporates a feminine touch with flowing dresses and scallop edged cardigans.

This jacket is one of my favourite pieces from the collection, I love the Aztec detailing combined with leather. The shades of grey and red merge together well, almost like a grey scale instagram filter. To add, the decoration creates a new take on the classic leather jacket. Rather than experimenting with techniques using leather on leather, Bui opted to embellish using machine stitching to create a unique garment. The tight-fitting structure creates a modern, formal edge to the casual jacket.  If I had enough money, I would buy it.

The shorts in this ensemble are minimalist in the best way. The lack of heavy detailing on the waistband and the effortless draping creates a casually fashionable look which could suit any occasion. Usually, layering completely different patterns looks awful, however I think the darker pallet of the shirt contrasts well enough with the blazer so that the pairing doesn’t make you want to rip your eyes out. On the contrary, it looks stylish and well thought out. Something I could probably never do.

Scalloped hems are always cute. No word of a lie. Especially when they are paired with a cornflower blue. The subtle detailing on the fabric make the jacket more aesthetically pleasing without going the same-old route of using a contrasting colour to add more appeal. Bui has gone with an odd fabric choice for this, with a faux-fur (which I can’t remember the exact name of, but if it was a brown colour would look and feel sort of like an animal? Someone help me out here!) rather than the standard taupe or black. The jacket has a professional yet delicate air to it and is one of my favourites of the collection.

Overall, Barbra Bui’s Spring/Summer 2016 sneak peek looks promising and I can’t wait to see the whole thing on the catwalk soon, hopefully more cute scalloping and edgy leather garments are on the way!


Whats your (inner) aesthetic?

I can’t be the only one who has a mental wardrobe of all the things that I want to wear and would…if I had the money. I collect all the images I see on tumblr and YouTube and save them in a bank, sort of like pinterest in my brain. Every year I say “I’m going to start buying things that I see online and create my dream wardrobe.” Needless to say, I don’t.


Storenvy is the closest match to what I would wear, if shops in England sold cheep versions of it, and is also the best place for people looking to sell their creations/sell clothing cheaper to create another source of income. Many people from tumblr sell their artwork on the website and there are a collection of sellers sourcing from Taobao for those who don’t speak Chinese and can’t navigate the website. It is the source of pastel goth, grunge and quirky fashion.

So, what is my aesthetic, you ask?

I would describe my “online taste” as a blend of floral patterns, pastel tones and black. Pastel punk meets celestial cute Mostly cute, with full skirts and crop tops. I also envied a million platform shoes and flower crowns with studs. Too many. The key elements of this wardrobe are chunky knit cardigans, skirts and cute illustrated tees.

My favourite shops on Storenvy have to be; Mooh!! and Syndrome. I have yet to purchase anything from them (soon…soon I will own there cute clothes) but most of my collection has to be from these shops.

Mooh!! is an Italy based store inspired by the cute fashions style of Asia, with an “Italian twist.” Founded by Carlo Trotta in May 2013, Mooh!! now has 10 members running the online brand and a value of $1 million.


Syndrome have a following of 18,898 people and over 10,424 sales (as of 12/07/15) and describe their style as “Japanese and Korean street style.” They are one of many who utilize their social media to the extreme, gaining a high following on tumblr and interacting with customers and fans of their products. They also sponsor bloggers to review products, which allows wary viewers to cast judgement on their reliability and quality of clothing thanks to the cute beauty gurus who review them!

My real wardrobe? Lots of cheap Primark shirts, pastels and floral prints and too many marvel themed items. As for shoes, trainers and platforms (I actually did a shoe collection video of them on my YouTube channel) Which isn’t bad and considering in 17, in college and haven’t got a job yet (who keeps one-upping me with experience?! Confess!) I’m not going to have a dream wardrobe any time soon…But that doesn’t stop me from going on a collecting binge, envying every cute piece of clothing I find on StoreEnvy.

So that’s my “inner aesthetic”, whats yours?

My Storenvy profile–>

My Youtube –>

Also, if you would like to read about more of my favourite Storenvy shops,comment and I will write about them in another post!


Wake up determined, go to sleep satisfied.

I’m always setting unachievable goals, saying I’m going to do something and not doing it and procrastinating everything. It leaves me in a state of self-pity and feeling like I’m stupid.

This stops now.

I have a list of things I want to do, where I want to be in the future and all of it relies on my persistence to keep moving forward. And this isn’t going to work if I procrastinate and wait until the future. 

For example, this blog was something I was unsure of for a long time. And that was solely based on he reason that I was embarrassed. Embarrassed people at college would find out and lump me with the ever growing ne’er of aspirin bloggers. Now I’m writing this thinking, so what? In one years time I’ll be in uni, surrounded by completely different people and the only ones who matter will support my attempts to do the thing I love as a career, because they’re doing the same thing.

YouTube: another platform I want to be on, with the same exact problem, only I’m also incredibly shy and nervous. I also have no idea what my niche is. However, I’m fairly certain that people don’t just watch videos for the content, they also watch for the person on screen, the drive and passion behind it, so if people like me, they won’t mind my jumble of different interests and projects, as long as I truly am dedicated. 

And uni. Arts is a risky thing to pick as a career. Fashion is competitive and there is always someone better than you. Sure I could always go and take law like my mum suggested, or study business and work in retail, but what if I can make it? What if I can make the 13 year old me’s wildest dreams come true? And what if I miss out on it because of other people’s opinions?

I guess the summary of this blog post is, I’m sick of being worried about other people’s opinions which probably don’t exist, sick of worrying about the future and sick of not working hard enough

So this is the starting point where im going to change.

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Exam Tips

Exams get to everyone, the stress, impending fear and the squeaky shoes of the invigilators…but here’s some tips to relax and go in with a fresh mind, ready to ace that test!
 Make sure you know your seat!
Check the day before what your seat number is, where it is in the room and what room your in. There’s nothing worse than going to an exam and having to push your way to the seating plan so if you know before hand, then you can save the stress later. Don’t write it on your hand though because they might think your cheating!
 Go through key notes before!
It may be useful to go over some key points you may not be sure of before the exam. Make sure if you are you have time to do so, as you don’t want to be late due to putting all your notes back.
 Make sure you have your equipment
There’s nothing worse than realizing you have a calculator test…with no calculator! Make sure you know what you need to have and check you have it all before the exam!
Check your paper!
In my textiles exam, we were in the same room as the electronics exam and I was given the wrong test! Check before the exam starts so you don’t loose time!
Answer all the questions!
It’s better to guess than to get no marks at all! On the last question on maths, there was an a* question which I didn’t even know what it was asking! We weren’t taught the really complex stuff so I just guessed and found out I got one mark out of three! You never know if that mark is a difference between a low grade or a high grade so answer everything!
 Don’t panic!
Don’t worry about it before you go in because that will just put you in a state of worry and you might not be able to think of answers! Just go in do your best and when it’s over, it’s over. You can be happy! You can’t change it after you’ve left the hall so don’t dwell on it if you think you did awful.
Don’t be late!
I don’t know what happens if your late, I’m pretty sure you can’t take the exam so don’t do this! Turn up around 5 or 10 minutes early so you can get in quick and be ready!
Make sure you have breakfast and if you get hungry during the long exams (I do) eat a snack beforehand. Don’t forget to hydrate!
 Do your best!
Try your hardest and think about what your writing!
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Sketchbook tips

As a textiles student myself, and previously an art student too, I know exactly how it feels to be running on a deadline and running low on ideas. It sucks, so I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get out of the artists’ block and finish your pages before your deadline.gcse textiles sketchbook

  Know what you need to do!
I find that making a list of the things you need to do helps organize my thoughts and it’s pretty satisfying to tick/cross it off when your done! Post-it notes are also handy, especially when it comes to the editing and adding stage. When we were finishing out textiles GCSE coursework folders, our teacher would have post it notes for each page stating what we needed to add in or correct. It seriously helps a lot and is a bit less overwhelming than a list as you can take it one page at a time.
  Know when you need to do it by!
If you know when your next deadline is, you can avoid leaving it all to the last minute and focus on making your pages look carefully thought through and put together, not rushed and carelessly done. You can loose marks if your page looks like you’ve thrown it together aimlessly.
  Make the pages flow!
Especially for the pages which lay next to each other. If you have one page in bright pink and the next in yellow, it won’t look like your thinking about the layout and the project as a whole. Make sure the pages compliment each other and show progression through the project.
  Cut, tear and re-size!
(NOTE: This probably doesn’t apply to GCSE, as usually you work in A3 folders for textiles, and as for art, I’m not sure at all.)
When we started out first project in textiles around 6 weeks ago, out teacher told us to ‘cut into the pages and change the size!’ Needless to say, we were horrified! Why would you do that?! Towards the start of our next project all of us had added pages in, cut them down, and…completely ripped out a few which we got irritated with. It’s best to check with your teacher/lecturer before you do this. Your also told not to rip pages out (“you can work over them and make them better”) but sometimes….its needed.
If you really have no clue how to lay out your pages, then search online for examples to inspire you. Here are some of the websites that I use;
Textiles Arts (I haven’t actually used this yet, but it looks helpful and it was on the main page for my college)
Design Instruct (These sketchbooks are more personal than course work books so there aren’t notes and stuff on the pages, but they drift from the standard layouts so it might help to look at them for inspiration)
Pinterest (Pinterest is amazingly good at creating mood boards to collect inspirational images, I practically live on here. If you like it, feel free to stop by my page and follow me, or check out my sketchbook inspiration board!)
Tumblr (Another place to find awesome sketchbook ideas, which I am also on, follow me here if you’d like 😉 )
Image result for textile sketchbook pages
Side tips:
  • Colour schemes work well and make your work look aesthetically pleasing
  • Texture can help with bringing a background to life.
  • Play around with positioning your work, try putting it in a corner, at the bottom, ext.
  • Add your own drawings onto the page to explore your samples.
  • Sometimes time away from your work will help you return with a fresh outlook, but don’t procrastinate!
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LA MODA Shoe haul and review!

sandals and boots

I came across Lamoda when browsing for some shoes because I was in dire need of new heels. First, I was shocked at their awesome range of styles, then I read the names (I want to meet whoever has the creativity for the products names!) THEN….Then I saw the sale.

If your like me, and hate spending money but love buying new things, then the sale is the first part you go to, and let me be the first to say, Lamoda doesn’t disappoint. My first pair of shoes; Like Paradise White(left of the cover photo) were only £8.99 and the boots, named Cry Me A River, were £9.99. Of course, there were delivery fees but for the standard 3-5 working day delivery, it cost around £2.99, which is so cheap! If you want them quicker, then you can choose how fast you want them to arrive, either on the next working day or as a Saturday delivery. Overall, the prices range from £2.99- £7.99.

Processed with Moldiv

Onto delivery, I received 2 e-mails in total; one to confirm my order and the second notifying me that my order had been dispatched. These both arrived in my inbox the day after I ordered my shoes and, by Thursday, they had arrived! It took 3 days, to get here and we almost directed the postman to our neighbors,thinking it was their parcel, we were so surprised!

The shoes came in a standard plastic bag, but inside each box was in a cute lavender drawstring bag, with the boxes inside. The shoes were wrapped in another soft plastic bag and tissue paper, along with tissue inside to keep the shape.

The shoes themselves are true to size, comfortable to walk in (at least indoors!) and there are no marks on them whatsoever! There was one tiny mark on the white pair, but that’s expected as they are a light colour and anything is noticeable on them. I can’t wait to wear them out!

Processed with Moldiv


Packaging; 10/10

Price; 10/10 (so cheap!)

Delivery; 9/10 (the order was actually sent to the billing address, but that may have been a fault on my behalf)

Communication; 9/10

Product; 10/10 (perfect condition, so cute and comfy!)

Overall; 10/10

Find the boots here;

Find similar sandals here;

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Giambattista Valli- A/W 15-16

Just as I mention the man in my previous post, (see here), Giambattista’s new collection hits the Paris runways with a stunning array of dresses, complete with billowing tulle layers and bright floral prints.

Pastels were paired with clashing shades of red and orange, lattice and lace and snow-like skirts swept down the runway, creating a delicate yet powerful impression to the lucky front row.

Feathers, ruffles and high necks were the main themes of this collection, with billowing skirts echoing the form of whip o cream, pin-pointed by Vogue in their overview.

My favourite piece no doubt has to be this mini dress;

If you thought double lace was a fashion faux pas well…your right, it usually is. However, somehow, Giambattista has managed to make it look amazing using contrasting colours and separating the two sections with a open top and baby blue, sequin embellished strip. Textures upon textures have been combined to create a stunning garment which successfully aviods being too overpowering and tacky. The relaxed colour pallet is soft and compliments the fabrics to create a feminine and high-edge garment.

This next dress is femminine with a stylish impact which I wish I could wear everyday. The soft tufts of tulle which make up the skirt look so soft and I can imagine sitting down and being surrounded by the soft fabric. (I’m really tiny so I’d probably be covered by the fabric but I digress…) The monochrome pallet of the dress is a signature look on the runway and merges with the floral jacket, which gives the garment a hint of street style-gone-catwalk edge to it.

Overall, Giambattista’s collection gives a stylish, feminine feel with a subtle hints of statement fabrics and embellishments, once again, creating a youthful collection for the Autumn/Winter season for 2015/16

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Get to know the blogger- Top 5 Designers?

I thought that with being a new blogger and all, and not really knowing what to write about yet, I would do a Q&A style blog post linked to my interests so that you guys know a bit more about me.

So the first theme of this post is my favourite designers, the reason being that this is the drive of this blog and my life in general. My ultimate goal is to be a designer, among other things, and there are many people in the industry I admire and whose work reflects my own.

1. Valentino Garavani

Born in Italy, ’32 and introduced to me (not personally, much to my dismay) around 2010, Valentino Garavani is someone who I admire so much. He traveled the world, worked hard from a young age and gained experience all to achive his dream- something that I strive to do. I have written so many “about my idol” essays about him (one was even in French eyy) that it is embarrassing. No one tell him. Ever. I’ll probably say it accidentally if I ever meet him, which I really want to, if you haven’t guessed already. Long story short, Valentino is the sole reason why I started to consider entering the industry in a serious light, and that is why he is on number one. Not that I favour designers.

2. Mannish Arora

I used inspiration from the spring/summer 2015 collection for my textiles project in January, which is currently off for marking. Like me, Mannish Arora features pastels in many of their collections, and floral motifs as a key focus. Their designs are fun and eye-catching and offer a new spin on mainstream fashion, breaking away from the mold to create an entirely new garment style.

3.  Lucky Chouette

My kpop influence is showing now, with number 3 taken by the brand Lucky Chouette. I found these through kpop idol fashion and love their cute and edgy designs. They’re also active on their YouTube which is awesome as you can see snippets of upcoming garments-; an A+ for marketing. To add, they are popular in the kpop world, with artists such as Amber from F(x) sporting the brand.

4. Steve J and Yoni P

I also found Steve and Yoni through my love of kpop- although they have a completely different vibe to LC. They are fun, exiting and I loved their entrance onto the runway (penny boards are the way to make a statement) it was cute and funny, much like their clothing. Again, they are also popular with kpop idols and rightly so- their adorable sporty style echos the kpop themes that are popular this year.

5. Giambattista

Lastly, Giambattista also featured in my sketchbook and by now, you’ve probably spotted a pattern in my favourites….Pastel and Floral….yup. Their collections are light, airy, almost fairy like and completely adorable. The first picture gives off a paris meets candyfloss vibe, with the fluffy skirt and fascinatior. The second is so dainty it looks like the material could disappear at the slightest touch and the tiny flowers are arranged so that it looks as if they naturally grew on the fabric.

There you have it, my top 5 designers. Hopefully you found it interesting and gave you inspiration for future designs! Let me know in the comments who your favourite designers are and why, and what you want me to answer next. 🙂